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    Eco-board environmental protection level

    Release time:2017-07-12       

    Regardless of what kind of sheet, in the manufacturing process are essential to use glue, so after forming the plate will release free formaldehyde, but under certain concentration is harmless to the human body, according to regulations, indoor sheet environmental protection level to achieve E1 level, is safe and environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body. In recognition of the quality of the plate at the same time, the most concerned about the furniture used by the formaldehyde emission of sheet metal. E1-level environmental standards is a national mandatory health standards, it is mandatory "safety standard line." E0 standard is the highest international health standards. Because the 0.5mg / l formaldehyde content is already a very safe numerical standard. According to relevant information, the formaldehyde content of drinking water is 0.9mg / l, that is, E0 standard formaldehyde content is less than drinking water.

    The ecological board itself is made of wood processing, will also contain a small amount of formaldehyde, but the main choice of quality clearance, environmental rating of E1, or even E0 level, it is very safe. And ecological board compared to other plates there is an advantage that is no paint, no paint is to reduce the benefits of paint due to the toxic and hazardous substances emissions, more environmentally friendly.