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    What is environmentally friendly sheet? What is the environmental protection sheet?

    Release time:2017-07-12       

    Environmental protection sheet refers to the full use of international patented technology and environmental standards for the design and production of non-formaldehyde, water, fire and other technical standards for higher standards, and with the sustainable use of sheet recycling function, which is with the traditional The meaning of the man-made MDF, particleboard, high density board, multi-layer board, anti-times the most fundamental difference between the plate. In the production of environmentally friendly production of sheet metal, some businesses in the name of the standard production of propaganda, deceive consumers, which also makes people increasingly open for the green sheet. Therefore, in the inspection of environmentally friendly sheet, will have a certain standard.

    Environmental protection, fire resistance and good weather resistance and other characteristics, but also has excellent processing performance and surface decoration performance, suitable for a variety of surface treatment and mechanical processing, with a wide range of products, , Can be widely used instead of wood-based panels and the use of natural wood. These are the inherent advantages of environmentally friendly plates, but also the characteristics of environmentally friendly sheet. Although with a variety of effects, but also need to be tested before they can only know, so in the choice of environmentally friendly sheet only standard.

    According to the domestic environmental standards, according to the concept of formaldehyde release limit, the formaldehyde limit in the plate is divided into three levels, namely E2≤5.0mg / L, E1≤1.5mg / L, E0≤0.5mg / L. In the domestic, the board can meet the E2 level standard, that is, E2, E1 and E0 class plate can be called the green sheet, but because of consumer awareness of environmental protection, and now the market more common E1 grade or even E0 grade plate.

    There are many types of environmental protection sheet, according to the use of different methods and places of use, but according to its formaldehyde limit, but also points the level. So you should choose carefully when you buy.

    What are the environmental protection plates?

    Solid wood is one of the environmentally friendly sheet, solid wood is made of complete wood made of wood. These boards are rugged and natural, making them ideal for making furniture. However, due to the high cost of such plates, and the construction process requires high, but not much use in the production. Solid wood panels are generally classified according to the physical name of the plate, there is no uniform standard specifications. In addition to the floor and the door will use solid wood, the general use of the plate are manually processed out of the wood-based panels.

    MDF is one of the environmentally friendly sheet, MDF, also known as fibreboard, is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive made of artificial plate. According to their density, divided into high density board, MDF, low density board. MDF due to soft impact resistance, but also easy to re-processing, but because the state on the high-density board standards lower than the international standard several times, so the quality of the use of MDF in China has yet to be improved.